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Simple Guide to Taking Care of Alzheimer’s Patient

Senior population experience a series of health challenges mainly because of body physiological changes that continue to debilitate as one grows old, one of the common health condition most people in this group experience is Alzheimer, this irreversible brain condition is brought by the death of large brain cells influencing the individual ability to effectively perform what seems as usual tasks, for example, it becomes difficult for Alzheimer’s patient to remember their home, hold a meaningful conversation, think clearly or make a reasoned judgment. It is worth noting that Alzheimer disease has no cure what is available in the treatment of symptoms to help manage the disease, this is why caregivers of Alzheimer’s patient play a central role in providing them a good quality of life. Because of lack of cure Alzheimer continues to affect the patients and their conditions worsen over time, this can make the life of caregivers stressful if there are not well prepared, there are cases where caregivers have displayed depression and neglecting their health, this is why they need to be aware of what to expect and do at every stage of Alzheimer’s patient. This article gives a detailed overview of Alzheimer that caregivers of Alzheimer’s patient can use to take care of their loved ones or patient.

It is always good to learn the basics of Alzheimer disease if you need to properly take care of Alzheimer’s patient, there are generally three stages of Alzheimer, mild, moderate, and severe, each stage has its unique symptoms and may need a different approach in managing them, in case of mild Alzheimer the patients can function independently just that they have low concentration span, have challenges in remembering recent occurrence and problem in writing and solving problems that require critical thinking, in case of moderate Alzheimer the patients display significant memory loss and confusion, you will also notice people with moderate Alzheimer with their inability to recognize their family members, cannot follow instructions, suffer from insomnia and difficulties in dressing themselves, people with severe Alzheimer need assistance with almost everything, they can hardly dress, eating problems, bathing and may need assistance in walking.

The other step to providing good care of Alzheimer’s patients is by developing ideal daily schedules, it is recommended you develop these routines with the assistance of experienced and reputable Alzheimer’s caregivers to make sure nothing is overlooked, the daily schedules, however, should not include significant and sudden changes in the life of Alzheimer’s patient as this can confuse them, Alzheimer’s people need time to get accustomed to new settings or people and therefore make the necessary changes only and let them be implemented gradually. Those are some ideas we thought they can help you manage Alzheimer’s patient easily.

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